Can Climax Control Condoms be a Cure for PE?

So you believe you suffer from premature ejaculation (PE)? Do you really? Has this been diagnosed by a physician or is it a self-diagnosis? If you are one of the millions of men who have diagnosed themselves you have a lot of company. Millions of men say that this is their number one sexual concern. One sex therapist says that his is a common theme among younger men that may arise from their lack of experience or insecurities regarding sex. As a group of all ages it is an issue with 20% to 30% of all men. First, look at the circumstances. If you are a man who wants to last for 30 minutes but you reach an orgasm in 29 minutes you might consider yourself suffering from PE. You neighbor is happy with lasting for six minutes but he finishes in four. He, too, believes he suffers from PE. Most repots claim that most men climax between three to five minutes after entering a woman. If you see a physician, he will consider a climax of one to two minutes after entering a woman as premature ejaculation. Another sexual therapist says that men are hard wired for quick releases. Maybe that makes us closer to our animal cousins. The male in the lion pride mounts his mate and the coupling doesn’t last more than a few minutes. Then he is off to the next female. He says that if all men lasted an hour, our worldwide birth rate would suffer drastically. In the true diagnosis of PE, it can fall into two different categories. The first is the man who has had this issue all his life – from his first experience into later life. The other is the man who suddenly develops issues. Sexperts say this happens to every man at one time or another. It can be from stress at work, stress of a new relationship or a host of other issues that may or may not have a medical basis. What most people do not understand is that a male orgasm is not just a single event in physiology. Psychologists say that the peak of sexual satisfaction and the release of semen are two different occurrences. It is just that they are so close together that most men do not understand that they are separate. It is a known fact that women do take longer to reach an orgasm and most men want to satisfy their partners. If a man brings his woman to a climax he should not worry about the time it took him for his own release. Yes, it feels great and he wants to keep the great feeling. But many women do not like a ride that is much longer than their own climax. Climax Control Condoms Since PE is a condition that strikes 20%-30% of men, major condom manufacturers have answered the need with special condoms that inhibit some stimulation and thus lengthen the time between entry to blast off. However, if you are having sudden problems and you and your spouse are not using condoms, try one of the many condoms on the market that may please the both of you. Even the thinnest standard condom will cut back on some of the sensation. So going this route may help until your problems are solved. Some men go in for the thicker condoms. They say that they still receive some sensations but the condom provides enough desensitizing to prolong climax. Definitely do not go with the more is better theory. Some men mistakenly believe that if one condom will desensitize a small amount, wearing two condoms at a time would be even better. This is a dangerous ploy. The two latex materials will rub against each other and more than likely both with tear or break. This is not ideal of you are wearing a condom to prevent pregnancy or STDs. Most climax control condoms have a small amount of Benzocaine at the very end of the condom. The most nerve endings for a man are in the head of the penis. The Benzocaine will numb the head of the penis so that a man will not feel the normal sensations. If the nerves are not stimulated to a certain point, he can delay his climax. One of the ‘pros’ about using these types of condoms is that a woman does not have to know that you are using a climax delay – that is unless you get some of the Benzocaine on your hand and transfer it around her vagina. The secret will be out and your plans for a great sexual experience will go out the window. Climax control condoms are not the best choice for all men. There are those who say it is difficult to maintain an erection when wearing one. Then you have users that say the Benzocaine does such a wonderful numbing job, they do not feel any sensations and the total experience is lacking. When using these, the man needs to suit up and wait a few minutes for the anesthetic to begin working. And, when you have completed the act and are removing the condom be sure to wash any remaining Benzocaine or you will continue to feel the numbness. On the positive side some men have said that their issues with PE had to do more with stress over pleasing the woman. Once they successfully used the climax control condoms, they got their old self-confidence back and eventually could switch to ‘regular’ condoms. How will you react to a climax control condom? Well, this is a trial and error position. Like everything else in life, each person reacts differently. Some men may be able to last another two minutes. Others may prolong climax for 10 minutes or more. Then there are the riders who can go for a good 30 minutes. It all depends on you and your body chemistry. It could also mean that you may need to try different brands to see which one works best for you. Brands Durex has a climax control condom called Durex Performax. This condom contains a 5% solution of Benzocaine in the tip. Again, wait for several minutes before entering your partner to give the solution a chance to melt to your body temperature and numb the end of your penis. Users say there is no odor to the Benzocaine. It does not have an antiseptic smell. Just be sure to roll the condom on the right way so your partner doesn’t come in contact with the medicine. If the 5% Benzocaine in the Durex numbed you too much, Trojan has the Trojan Extended Pleasure which has only 4%. This level of numbness actually acts the same as the Durex because it is thicker and that in itself will subdue some sensations. Users have said that this condom contains a greater amount of the internal solution so you have to be careful that none of it gets on your partner. Lifystyles has an entry called Everlast Intense Condom which is between the previous two with 4.5% Benzocaine. This is a special condom because it also has studs which should please your partner while you are lasting longer. One condom with the least amount of Benzocaine is Long Love Climax Control Condoms with a 3.5% Benzocaine solution. If you can find these, they may be a good starting point for you. Begin with the smallest amount of antiseptic and see how it goes. If they do not work as well as you want, go up to the next step. While these are made in Japan they carry all the certifications required by the FDA. Germany has another climax control condom that sounds somewhat like the one above. It is made by EROTIM and is called the Long Love Condom that has a whopping 7% Benzocaine. It would be recommended that you begin with a smaller amount and work your way up if you need more numbness. Simplex has a condom listed on Amazon called the Long Time Condom. They do not mention the percentage of Benzocaine. The manufacturer is a company called VONIX. This is an editorial comment and not a condemnation of these condoms. This is not an American or UK company. The original description of the condom was written in a foreign language which was obviously translated by a computer program. Much of the information makes no sense. Condomi, now owned by Ansell, has a climax control condom called Max Love. Each condom is transparent, made from high quality natural rubber latex and features a reservoir end. All are British kite and CE quality marked. The lubricant used in the manufacture of Condomi Max Love Condoms contains Benzocaine. They are free of animal derivatives and meet or surpass all global and domestic quality accreditations. Pasante, which is another leading brand, offers a condom called Pasante Delay Condom. This is another good starter for the novice because it has only 1% Lidocaine Hydrocloride which is similar to Benzocaine. The Pasante Delay Condom is CE certified and 100% electronically tested. And, it is suitable for vegans. Sprays and Gels There are men who simply will not give up their condoms of choice. They have an option of using a spray of gel product that contains Benzocaine of Lidocaine. Stud 100 is a spray that comes in a measured dose. According to directions the man sprays the head of his penis with the product and then dons his favorite condom. This spray contains Lidocaine and there is no way to spray too much because the pump is metered exactly. It is colorless, odorless, condom safe and eco-friendly. Pasante has a delay effect lube that contains all-natural herbs and no Benzocaine or Lidocaine. It simply numbs the area on which it is placed, so you need to be careful where you place it and ensure that it dries to its numbing effect before rolling on your condom. Super Dragon makes another pre-measured spray. It also contains vitamin E which is good for the skin and should help protect against sensitivity. For the lovers of all things exotic there is an ancient Chinese product called Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm. This balm is a bit different from the others previously mentioned. Instructions tell you to apply it and wait 10 minutes prior to wearing your condom. One customer said that that he applied it twice in one hour and another said he used it twice, two hours apart. This person said he went from lasting two minutes to lasting 30 minutes. in the U.S. sells Doc Johnson‘s Sta-Erect Cream. This is not a spray and you have to use your best judgement on how much to use. It contains a large amount of Benzocaine at 7.5%. Since it is a self-administering cream, it would be best to use something like an inexpensive latex or plastic disposable glove because you would not want to transfer any of the product to your partner. Another all-natural spray that does not have Benzocaine or Lidocaine is Peineili external delay spray for men prevent premature ejaculation. They advertise that it can help delay the male climax for up to 60 minutes. Mandelay Clear Lubricating Gel gets more good reviews than bad. Beware of anything that has all good reviews! You want to see the honest opinion of many users: the good, the bad and the ugly. This benzocaine-based gel is safe and effective, and it starts working on contact. No waiting required. It does not specify the amount of Benzocaine it contains. Forever Yours Prolong Emollient is offered by My Joy Brand. This is an all-natural product that is made from pure food ingredients. It is vitamin E enriched, water soluble and condom safe. Rock has a spray that is advertised as 100% vegan. Ride Rock Delay Spray has 7.5% Benzocaine and the manufacturer says it is fast-acting. They do say it is not recommended during pregnancy. It goes without saying that you should use these products only if you have a temporary or even permanent PE issue. 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